Guide to Choosing an Accountant

Whether you are a business or individual, using a qualified tax professional is a sensible idea. This depends on your turnover. Different people demand different services of expertise from their accountant

With so many accountants, you may find yourself asking. What type of accountant do I need?

How do I choose one that has my best interest in mind? Is this a competent accountant?


The reputation of your accountant matters. Through friends or colleagues inquire about reputable accountants. The accountant you choose to work with may often result in a relationship that spans over several years. Integrity, loyalty, competence and a personal commitment to you, are some qualities to look for in a potential accountant.



You may find some large agents with generous rates, but with small to mid size agents, you may get a better service, and commitment to your account.


Different accountants specialise in different industries and areas. Choose one whose expertise is right for your financial and lifestyle needs.


Is your accountant a registered tax agent? Only registered agents are authorised to charge for preparing or lodging a tax returns. You can check to see if an agent is registered at the Tax Agents’ Board.

Some other questions worth asking

Does your Accountant:

  • have the systems to ensure your work is tracked and progress is monitored?
  • provide you with a cost estimate?
  • have the relevant credentials?
  • keep up to date with training?
  • keep you up to date with legislation and management changes?
  • think about your personal needs?
  • recommend schemes?
  • check your work?
  • explain why they recommend a specific choice regarding any issue?
  • stand by what they do?