The hidden ways your business is overspending

Without your knowledge, it’s easy for your business to be overspending on services and products going unused, or purchased at inflated prices. Every business is guilty of excessiveness; however, it’s possible, with just a few minor yet effective changes, to curb your overspending and transform your cash flow positively. In this article, we share with you how excessive business spending occurs, why this happens without your knowledge, and how to restrain your overspending easily.

Recurring payments/memberships websites

Online subscriptions for business tools, such as cloud-based storage and marketing programmes, are one of the most significant places businesses overspend. Auto-renewals that you may not have remembered you set that take the payment from your bank account or credit card without an email or reminder notification can occur daily. Unless you’re tracking your renewal dates and daily transactions, you may not realise you are paying for a service your business is no longer using.

Failing to negotiate

Your suppliers, trades and outsourced services, such as cleaners, for example, are always willing to negotiate with you on price. Business to business services understand financial pressures and minimal budgets, and will happily discuss better pricing options or packages to suit your business needs. However, negotiating is a process that you need to initiate with these suppliers, as they likely won’t discuss repricing or renegotiating their pricing structure with you willingly.

Not analysing campaign spends and marketing

Return on investment is a concept that trips up most small business owners; essentially, this concept is about establishing how much capital was used to reach your sales target. Where business owners end up overspending is failing to understand the results (return of investment) of their marketing campaigns and overall product delivery, and whether the money spent has yielded a positive return. By failing to analyse, most businesses end up repeating unsuccessful campaigns and product/service launches, spending money they likely don’t have, and repetitively failing to produce their desired results.

Gaps in accounting and bookkeeping

Burying your head in the sand with your finances isn’t a viable solution to saving money, or curtailing your business overspending. Without basic bookkeeping and accounting, you’re likely misunderstanding how much your business is making, spending, and whether your business is actually profitable. Without this knowledge, it’s highly likely you are overspending on basic business essentials that you don’t need or can’t afford.

Overhauling your overspending

Overspending is extremely common and quickly addressed with professional business accounting. To begin overhauling your overspending, contact Sydney Accounting on (02) 9810 3222 today to discuss your business needs!