Sydney Accountants should be your first choice for a Xero Accountant. We were established in 1936, and we’re still as fresh as ever in our perspective and approach to accounting. It’s our aim to partner with you by helping you understand your financial information, rather than just taking care of it without you being able to observe the processes we undertake. We want to empower you as a small to medium-sized business owner to know when to ask us questions.

This is why we’re excited to announce that we’ve become accredited Xero accountants; we are utilising Xero’s innovative platform to offer small and medium-sized businesses an incredible service. Xero’s user-friendly, cloud-based software has been given strong reviews by its current customers for the way it has made accounting systems accessible for business owners to use and has integrated accounting processes intuitively into their business.

Xero is the smart alternative to Quickbooks. As an accounting firm that has worked extensively with clients over the years, we know Xero will make your accounting systems easier to use, the data easier to process and analyse and the information easier to communicate with us. Learn more at:

As their tagline says, Xero is truly beautiful accounting software.

Though beautiful is not a word we typically associate with accounting, with Xero it’s accurate. Not only is the user interface pleasant to look at and engage with, it’s intuitive and easy-to-use. This ease of use prompts users to interact with the software comfortably while analysing the data. Here’s what one happy business owner had to say about making the switch to Xero:

With systems like Xero Touch, the mobile app, you can check balances, complete bank reconciliations, invoice clients in real time, enter and process expenses, contact your accountants, review cash summary reports, place data in the cloud and interact with team members. For more information about Xero Touch:

This is all possible because Xero encourages collaboration. As a cloud-based accounting system, it allows multiple logins to the system, encouraging team participation and review. Similarly, through Xero, you can contact us, your accountants, to ask questions, share documentation or request clarification. Tasks that previously were complex have become much simpler with Xero.

One of the main features of the Xero software is the way it seamlessly integrates information from your bank account with your accounting system, leaving you to simply code the transactions. Xero also integrates with existing billing systems and has an open API, which allows your firm to customise it to interact with other software and systems.

If you decide to work with us, as your Xero accountant, we’ll migrate your information, set-up your account and chart of accounts, import your trial balance and verify bank feeds are working properly. Included in our on-boarding service, we will code the first month of your transactions for free.

If you’re interested in learning more about Xero and how to implement it in your business, call us to set-up a consultation. It will revolutionise the way your business processes its accounting.

We look forward to engaging with you. At Sydney Accounting we will work with your business to help you fully realise your potential and your ability to communicate your financial information clearly in the simplest way possible. Call us today on (02) 9810 3222 to learn what Xero can do for you and your business.